Puzzling is our passion here at KewbzUK. We are one of the UK's largest online stores for every variation of twisty puzzle imaginable, from the traditional Rubik’s Cube range to the latest shape shifting modifications and Speed Cubes.

If you’re new to the world of Speed Cubes & twisty puzzles you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it is all very ‘cube-like’ – your mind is drawn to the old school Rubik’s – think again!

Nestled within our extensive range are, of course, the vintage staples, morphing into such alternatives as the marvellous Mirror 3x3 where things are not all they seem – a superb example of a shape modification with an irregular twist.


Evolving further into more visible 3D shape shifting cubes including the Mastermorphix – a sticker-less pyramid, foiling the would be cheats and culminating in the downright mind-bending Apple.

Here at Kewbz HQ our team are fanatical about puzzling and take every opportunity to test the merchandise making us somewhat experts in the field and able to offer plenty of hints and tips - https://www.kewbz.co.uk/blogs/solutions Forget the recent obsession with Fidget Spinners, browse our store today and be prepared to challenge your mind AND keep those fingers twisting.