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KewbzUK are one of the largest online Speed Cube Shops in the UK. Specialising in all sorts of twisty puzzles from the original Rubik's Cube to the brand new Valk 3 and Gans Speed Cubes which are dominating the cubing world.

The UK has never been as big on cubing as the likes of China and America but that is all changing. The team here at KewbzUK are all passionate about the Rubik's Cube and the mystery which lies deep within its core!

Not only do we sell speed cubes and Rubik's Cubes; we also sell a huge variety of Cube Stickers. We already have a wide range of puzzle stickers available in Standard, Half Bright, Full Bright and Z-Bright shades with alot more stickers still to be added.

Rubik's Cubes from the UK's Puzzle Store

We are a fairly new speed cube store set up in the UK which mainly sell online, having no shopfront really helps us keep our prices low yet does not comprimise anything on the quality front. All of use here in the office are avid cubers and have had a seriously weird passion for them ever since we were little.

We like to think of ourselves as the UKs go to online speed cube shop which caters for everybody, wether you are looking to buy genuine Rubik's Cubes or just want to learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube; We cater.

We at KewbzUK are pleased to announce that as of late 2017 we now stock one of the most essential accessories for any serious speed cuber and can only apologise that we did have not stocked it sooner. Cube Lube is now on the shelves of our UK based speed cube shop and ready to be shipped. Use a little drip of Maru or GAN cube lubricant to instantly free up your speed cube and decrease those solving times.

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