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Instant new main

Previously I mained between the Gan 354 V2M and a self magnetised YLM. This cube just fits my turning style perfectly. It does feel like it gets faster with every solve, so I add a bit of Adheron Heavy when it starts getting a bit uncontrollable. It's amazingly quiet and low pitched, I wish I'd bought this when I was still in school lol. Good contrast on the colours, and comes with different springs if you want to swap them out. The magnets are on the lighter side, which I prefer. No issues with corner cutting or catches.

Great cube but very fast!

This is the second cube I’ve ordered from kewbz. Great service. Cube arrived after 3 days. The Tengyun is very smooth and quiet with the shades I prefer. Think their full brights. Really fast tho. Bit fast for me. I average 30 seconds. Definitely recommend tho if you like fast cubes. Will definitely buy again from these guys. !

Jan A
Tengyun V1 - Nice & quiet but too fast for me

Having been recommended the V1 of the Dayan Tengyun by a friend, I was keen to give it a try.

The Tengyun V1 has a reputation for being one of the quiestest 3x3s on the market and it certainly lives up to that.

However, out of the box this cube is rediculously fast and uncontrollable. After setting it up with Angstrom Gravatis and Dignitas and adjusting the tensions as tightly as I am comfortable with, it's still way too fast for my tastes and I struggle to control it. This has also reduced the corner cutting capabilities of the puzzle.

Another thing to mention is that the magnets installed in the cube are very light, almost to the point where you can't feel them at all. My hope was to add extra magnets into the edges much like I have done with my WRM 2020, but the caps on the edges are on very tightly and I don't want to risk breaking them trying to get them off.

The Tengyun V1 is not for me but if you like an incredibly fast, quiet 3x3 with very light magnets, it may well be for you.

Service from KewbzUK remains as stellar as always :)


I got a PB within the first 5 solves with this cube. This has been my main for a few months now, its the smoothest feeling cube I own. However, I do find that it does need cleaning and readjusting more frequently than I'd like.

Andy Lewis
I wish I could like this cube more

I bought this because it was recommended as the quietest cube out there - and on that level it really is, by a long way. So if you want a cube that doesn't disturb others (much - all cubes make *some* noise) - this is the one. Quality is good, it's reasonably customisable - and it's definitely a good cube for the price.

I just don't like the feel of it. I've tried a few setups - but nothing has clicked for me - I don't enjoy using it, and I don't enjoy solving it. I know many people love this one - so it's probably me more than the cube, but I suppose it is what it is.