YJ YuLong 3x3 V2 M

Colour: Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Pretty great quality, not super fast

I bought this for my brother's birthday. It was delivered very quickly, and the quality is really good. A lovely cube by all accounts. My only problem was that it wasn't as fast as I had expected, the turning is a little slow. Great for a beginner though, and a good price!

First Magnetic Cube

I decided to order this as a replacement to my old trusty stickerless that I have been using for years and years. I have never owned or even tried a magnetic cube so I was curious. Many reviews state that this cube is loose and scratchy out of the box, however I feel like this will only be an issue to you if you are used to magnetics. If this is your first then you will be pleasantly surprised at how nice this feels out of the box in comparison. Alas I still tightened the screws and added some basic silicone oil to smooth the overall experience as recommended and now this cube feel wonderful. The subtle locking of the magnets feels so satisfying to me. I'm reluctant to purchase any more magnetic cubes at a higher price because I think I will start to get addicted.

Excellent first Magnetic cube, maybe opt for something a bit more expensive if you are a magnet veteran but for someone like me, who averages around a minute per solve, it's ideal.

Easy Mover

It moves effortlessly
Makes cubing much enjoyable as, unlike the cheap versions. the magnets ensure it stays aligned much better
Love it and can't fault

A gift for someone

I can’t review the product as yet, as it is a gift for someone else. However, the service was great. Even just before Christmas it was despatched when they said it would be and arrived when I expected.

Great cube

My first ever magnetic 3x3, so smooth straight out of the box.

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