YJ MGC 4x4 M

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
ross anderson
Best 4x4 ever

Amazing cube.... until it breaks i almost cried because this is my first really good 4×4 and i love it and it was my fav event

NIkolay Bukhantsov

The cube is very smooth and nice to twist. Definitely a speed 4x4.

Ben McInnes
I love this cube

I got this cube for christmas last year and before that I had the gan 460 which constantly fell apart. I’m not at all disappointed. I used Martian lube from speedcubeshop and it was an incredible difference

John Stanley
My first 4x4 - And it's pretty dang nice!

Been after a 4x4 for a while to learn algs for the bigger cubes, this one was recommended by my group as the best all rounder.

Came with a bit of lube in there, I've added my own 150 weight to slick it up a bit, and also slackened mine 1/4 turn back (I tried 1/2 turn but it popped during adjustment testing - that was fun NOT! lol, luckily I've rebuilt 4x4's before so I knew how to put it back together LOL)

Pro's - Great packaging, extra magnets and springs, the usual screwdriver. manual and of course a cube stand, Cube is really cool in the fact that the inner 2x2 sections have stronger magnets than the outer layers so when it comes to finishing off in 3x3 mode, you aren't battling with inners turning with outers, handy if you do wide alg solving like me.

Cons - NONE, honestly I am the pickiest cuber on the planet, and I can't fault this cube

I think the only bad thing I can say with anything bigger than 3x3 is that I wish 4x4 were easier to take apart, not really something I would wanna strip just to change magnets or springs!

I recommend anyone wanting to go to the big cubes, get a 4x4 first or with anything bigger, as it's easier and faster to learn the parity on 4x4 first before transferring to larger cubes like 7x7 for example.

Ross Anderson
Best 4x4 ever

If you arent sure what 4x4 to get just get this

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