MoYu MeiLong 4x4 M

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Customer Reviews

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AJ Somers
Best Budget Cube!

My previous 4x4 was a Yuxin Kirin V2 and let's just say it was abit......slow lol. I decided to buy this cube after watching J Perm's recommended cube's for 2021 and was NOT disappointed. The inner layers are fast yet controllable, the outer layers are slower but still nice, It works very well with some KewbzUK Aqua. I will say this, if you are thinking of getting this for your kids, think about the zhisu 4x4 mini. It is better than the meilong but much smaller.


part of the cube has broken and now cannot turn properly when doing algorithms such as parity. turning thr middle and outer layers at the same tike is impossible and i have idea what the issue is. i took it apart and re assembled it and it didnt make a difference. overall the cube is amazing apart from this one very rare and unfortunate instance. extremely annoyed as the cube is now unusable due to being unable to turn 50% of the time.

Panayiotis Panayiotou
decent budget cube, very helpful service

My cube was delivered on time, in about only 3 days.
They are using new eco-friendly packaging, which is great.

Buy some lube with it if you do not already have some, as I believe it requires some as it feels dry out of the box compared to my other cube.

I have emailed Kewbz a few times and they have always replied straight away and have given me very helpful advice; I am a bit new to all this.

I would definitely recommend this cube and this company, and will certainly consider buying from them again in the future.

Mo Al
Good 4x4

This is a good 4x4 to starting you are just starting to learn 4x4. Don’t expect great corner cutting though. I recommend stardust lube from the speedcubeshop section on KewbzUK.

Lily Berwick
Good budget 4x4

Out of the box this cube is pretty tight, but after tensioning and lube it’s great to solve on, though I have sometimes experienced minor pops (a centre piece comes out, for example. Cube has never totally popped).

Overall this is a great 4x4 to get started on and I really enjoy using it.