Angstrom Gravitas

(Designed for ultimate control)

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David C
Very controllable and soft

I prefer lubes very fast, very light and light magnets for reference.

I put this in a WRM 2019 to emulate Tymons cube alongside Dignitas.

This is a very thick lube which saturates the tracks and has a very cushioned and soft feeling. This is by no means a ‘fast’ lube necessarily. However, I am finding that actually, in the warm weather at least, the cube is running more than quickly enough for me and is a very soft cushioned feeling, which is very enjoyable to solve. It’s also lasting amazingly which is nice to almost forget about re-lubing for a period. As a result, this cube is now my main with this lube after being with the RS3 M for the previous months on silicone based SCS lubes.

Overall, I would absolutely consider using it on more cubes and continue using it with Dignitas and see how they feel. I really enjoy this lube and can happily recommend it.

My last tip, give it a good 200 solves to break in without adding more in or messing with it, it really takes some time to break in but it will get to that sweet spot.

FC 3X3
Resistance after break in

This lube works great on the tracks of the pieces. Just a small amount slows the cube down significantly. Work it in for about 30 seconds before deciding to add more. After using cubes with this lube inside them, I have to say that it gives it the resistance, without sacrificing speed. For example: my rs3m 2020 was quite fast out of the box, and I added some gravitas. I broke the lube in (break in takes 50-100 solves FYI) and it gave the cube the resistance of when I added the lube, but it kept its speed. This will last forever, and it is much better than any heavy silicone lube out there.

Reuben Glenville
Slow and steady

Once broken in on the rails the cube is incredibly smooth and plush, and feels amazing. However apply sparingly as you need very little for this lube to take effect - it slows down the cube a lot. On the plus side this means the container will last forever. Great service as always from KewbzUK

Samuel Naylor
great rail lube

gravitas is used for the rails and makes the cube more controlleable without slowing the cube down!

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