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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Awesome cube, awesome delivery

Really impressed with the delivery service first of all - will definitely order from here again. Second, the 4x4 mini is perfect .. its the same size as my regular 3x3 so doing the same finger tricks doesn't feel awkward.

Great little cube

In my opinion, if you have small hands, this is easily a main contender. For grown ups who have larger hands, i might just settle on the mgc 4x4 because that is like the next size up from this. I've done around 50 solves since receiving this cube, and have since lubed it and set it up. To be honest, it is fiddly when assembling than the mgc from what I've found. this isnt too much of an issue, because it is totally worth the time to set it up. It is good out of the box, but it definitely needs setting up to unlock its full potential. I've set this cube up using mystic, dignitas, silk and added some dnm 37 when the speed needed a fresh boost.

Overall, I think this would be a fantastic choice for younger cubers just starting out cubing, due to its small size (which 100% suits me), however this might not work for older adults with larger hands.
I think I've just been drawn back into 4x4 again because of how good this thing is

Brilliant little cube!

I got this from kewbz after trading in a couple of unwanted cubes and I have to say it’s phenomenal!!
It turns so smooth, the magnets are just right and 3x3 stage flows so well. I’ve managed to better my PB a couple of times on this and its now my main.
Definitely not just a novelty small cube!!

amazing Cube

It is a good 4x4 but only if you have small hands, it is about the same size as an average 3x3. I hope this gets me into 4x4 as it turns amazingly. I would recommend this to younger cubers.

Excellent cube

This arrived today and the cube is so smooth. I can feel the magnets and the flow is quick. I am pleased to have a UK based supplier.