Christmas '17 Valk 3 Power Giveaway

join our Forum and get entered into our draw to win a free valk 3 power Cubing Forum Visit our cubing forum and become an active user and you will be automatically entered into our January 7th Valk 3 Power giveaway! Visit Forum Visit Forum We will announce the winner on the 7th of January 2018.

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What is a Speed Cube?

Well... A speed cube is a type of puzzle that is designed to be solved as quickly as possible. It's a cube-shaped puzzle that features a multi-colored grid that must be twisted in certain ways so that each side of the puzzle displays only one color.  The most famous of these types of puzzles is the Rubik's Cube brand, however...

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Writing a Reddit Review

Write a Review Write a little something about us on Reddit and be rewarded...     So the idea is simple...  Hop on over to Reddit/r/cubers and write a little something about the service you have received from us in the past and we will reward you with magic beans!  Yep, You heard us right... Beans are just like an alternate...

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New Puzzles Just In (Product Showcase)

KewbzUK have an exciting announcement. As of today (10th July 2017) we have got a whole load of new puzzles in. Featuring big names like the ShengShou Teraminx & Gigaminx. MoYu WeiLong GTS V2 Magnetic, another big batch of the Valk 3 speed cube and so many more... Watch the following video to get a glimpse of some of the...

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Daily Shipping Times

Here at KewbzUK we always aim to get your order out in as little time as possible. Sometimes we can have your order packaged and shipped in a matter of minutes. Other times, it can take slightly longer. Most orders leave our premises within a 24 hour period, however some may time slightly longer if an issue (such as payment)...

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