GAN G.E.S Nuts - What do they even do?

why would i need them? If you are a fan of speed cube and twisty puzzles, you might be excited to learn that you can now customise your experience! Don’t you just hate when your cube feels clunky or like its grinding as you’re trying to solve it? or would you like to feel less resistance while you work on...

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Puzzle Request Form

How Can we help you? We want to cater for everybody. If there is a specific puzzle you are looking to buy that we don't currently stock then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Please complete all fields in the form to the right, making sure to enter the correct email address so that we can contact you regarding...

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How To Install Prisma Cube Timer

For some, The Prisma Cube Timer can be a right nightmare to get working. In this quick guide we will talk you through installing it and getting it working. Things you will need: Computer Working internet connection 5-10 Minutes of your time Lets Get started Visit our Prisma Download Page Click "Add To Cart" and download the timer package Visit...

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Pyraminx Notations

Want to learn the correct Pyraminx Notation? Look no further than KewbzUK.  In this guide we will look at the correct notations for the Pyraminx. Check out our other articles for 5x5 Notation, 6x6 Notation and more. Wca official Pyraminx notation The WCA Pyraminx notation is the official notation set out by the World Cubing Association and is the correct...

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Puzzle Questionnaire

Let us know... We would like to know what kind of speed cubes and puzzles you would like to see at KewbzUK! We need your help! Please use the questionnaire form [RIGHT] to let us know what you would like to see on our website.  We will personally see and evaluate every single request made. Thank You!

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Official Rubik's Cubes