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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
A great all-round 7x7 (from a non-speed cuber)

I bought the stickered (black) version. I've had a few different 7x7s and this one is the best one so far. I don't speed cube but I enjoy solving big cubes using different methods (cage, layer by layer, AI method, as a cuboid etc). There is also some scope to get creative with cube 'art' as well. It's full of potential. While some of the other reviews are correct with regard to some looseness on the outer layers, I was able to resolve this by tightening up some of the centre screws. The magnet strength is fine for my needs (they are indeed slighltly weaker on the outer layers but not that I notice that much) but the main selling point of this is its size. It's small, but in a good way. For the price, it's an incredible piece of engineering. I would recommend this cube.

Edward Hardcastle
Excellent cube, best in class!!

Amazing cube really enjoyed using this cube. Out the box it is perfect and really great quality. I would highly recommend anyone at any level to get this cube!

Ryle Bumagat
Best 7x7

Amazing, enough said

Good inner layers, bad outer layers

Out of the box, this cube was a bit too loose, but tightening it by a half turn on each side fixed this. It has a really nice blocky and crunchy feel.

The inner layers on this cube are really good, centres and edge pairing are super super easy and fluid, and slice moves rarely ever catch. However, despite experimenting with the tensions, the outermost layer always seem to catch no matter how accurately I turn. The magnets are much weaker here than the magnets on the inner layers, so weak in fact that they may as well not be there at all.

I wish cube companies would stop doing this, and make the magnet strengths uniform instead. Transitioning from one magnet strength to another mid-solve really doesn't help for turning consistency, especially on the biggest cubes.

In short, this cube is an absolute joy to use until I'm at the 3x3 stage. If it weren't for that, it would be an easy 5 stars.

David James

This is my first 7x7, but hot damn it is incredible. Its far more smooth and easy to turn than my Valk 5x5 M. Even though it's a bigger cube. It's just masterfully designed. Very easy to do slice moves. Sometimes the pieces pop out if you try to corner cut too much, but that not the fault of the cube, you should really just try to turn more accurately

This is my first YJ cube but I'm already a massive fan. I also bought their magnetic 4x4 in the same order. And that's easily the best 4x4 I've ever used. I recently bought a MoYu AoSu WRM 4x4 too because that one got the highest rules, the world record was apparently set with it. But the YJ MGC 4x4 is significantly better and smoother and easy to turn, and the magnets are better. Slice moves in that, much like the 7x7, is incredibly easy and fast

Needless to say I'm now a massive YJ fan and I'm gonna buy the whole set eventually, every single MGC cube.

This is such a good cube. It seems to be generally agreed to be the best 7x7, and it's relatively very cheap. So just get it. And get the YJ 4x4 too lol

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