ShengShou 7x7 Mastermorphix

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

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Very, Very Great

I’m in no way a cubing expert, but I’ve had a sizeable collection for a few years. I finally decided to buy one of these and I thing it’s awesome. Turns really well, feels great, and is absolutely awesome. Unfortunately I have not been able to solve it yet! It’s a great challenge that I’m looking forward to figuring out!
(Pound coin for scale)

Great puzzle

Another one for the collection, hoping to grab the 8x8 soon. I will pretty much echo what the other reviews mention - very nice puzzle to have if you've been working your way up the Morphix series as I have. Having solved up to the 6x6 a fair number of times I've come to expect that you have to turn it carefully and make sure the layers are lined up as you go. The inner layers have more resistance, I might play around a bit more with the tension. It came lubricated. In my experience the grease does very little to alleviate the friction in the mechanism, instead it will filter its way to the surface and make handling the puzzle a bit annoying so I started off with disassembly and thorough cleaning - part of the fun!

Gemma Way
Good, big puzzle

7x7 is the same size as the 6x6 and is in the same, slightly frosted finish. It feels tighter than the 6x6 and not as smooth - maybe a bit more vulnerable to popping and it feels like you have to be a bit careful. But a great puzzle, very satisfying solve and good to have another big morphix

Matthew Kilpatrick
Amazing this exists

I’m so happy that a 7x7 mastermorphix is actually mass produced.
You can’t even find mass produced fisher cubes in sizes other than 3x3 or 4x4.
I really hope shengshou branch out into more large shape mods.
The puzzle itself is very stable, the only problems is that the shape shifting can get confusing to lineup. But that is my fault but theirs tbf
It’s finish is the same 6x6. Ie less shiny and less pillowed than the 2x2 to 5x5.
Definitely buy it, it is incredible