QiYi MS Bundle (x4)

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Customer Reviews

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Kyle Hayles
My first *actual* cubes.

My first cube was from Amazon. That got me interested in cubing. I thought to buy this since I know QiYi is a reputable company for making cubes. And the MS line specifically has been described as flagship killers.

These cubes are AMAZING. They were my first cubes (excluding the 3x3), and my first one from a cube brand.

The corner cutting on these is amazing. With it being able to do slightly over 45°. I haven't played with the 4x4 and 5x5 too much, but I can personally vouch for the 2x2 and 3x3.

I like my cubes loose and the 3x3 doesn't pop (unless you're my family members-). Never had an issue with the 2x2.

The MS lineup comes pre-lubed, but I was happy to discover the lubricant isnt excessive and with a quick wipe with a towel (which honestly it didn't need), it was perfect.

The turning is smooth and I personally haven't dealt with a pop yet (and funny enough my time HALVED compared to the Amazon one. May not be the same with you but this does prove that these are better than Amazon.

I highly recommend for anyone who like me is a beginner, though I am sub-30 with 2-look OLL & PLL without too much effort. Meaning that this cube could work well for anyone.

As for KewbzUK, their customer service is amazing! And I got the 2 day shipping I paid for. The unboxing experience was amazing, they use eco-friendly packaging inside the box, and the product came in amazing condition.

The delivery was reliable and the process was smooth with no issues. My future cubing/puzzle related purchases will certainly be with Kewbz!

Also I recommend there discord. There are friendly community members there and a few have helped me with better finger tricks and improving the way I cube resulting in faster times. If you wanted help or to know some cool cubers then I recommend!