MFJS MeiLong 9x9

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great for passing time

I've had a few centre pieces pop out maybe 5 or 6 times over the year and a half I've had this cube. As long as you turn carefully and don't try to corner cut a ridiculous amount the cube is great! It can get a bit heavy after a while (takes me about 20 minutes to solve) but it's small enough to comfortably sit and turn without having to use a table. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get into bigger cubes

Uzair Malik
Unbelievable puzzle

To me this puzzle is a miracle, for a 9x9 to be this small and fully functional is simply not possible in my mind, it is literally small enough to hold comfortably and fingertrick. I also have a Shengshou 10x10 and it is giant, it feels big, and that's the point of a big nxnxn cube ... to feel big. But this 9x9 flips that and is impressive for how small it is. This is truly a demonstration of how far cubing tech has come.

In terms of quality, the colour scheme is great (mine is stickerless) and it feels like a decently well built puzzle with good materials and textures, but the obvious side effect of stuffing 9 layers into such a small space is some sacrifices in turning quality. Once you get a turn started it is pretty smooth, however you do need to be a bit careful with the alignment of the layers before turning. I use this puzzle gently and there's a lot of times where you feel like you're close to a pop. So this puzzle is a compromise in a way, BUT at the moment of writing this review I have only had the puzzle for a few days and haven't used it a huge amount, it may improve drastically when it has been broken in, and I have seen plenty of reviews praise the turning itself.

If you want the best 9x9 period, don't get this. You'll prefer something larger like a Yuxin 9x9 which turns better. But if you want a "small big cube", something which simply hasn't existed until this point in time, something which pushes the boundaries of cubing tech, this is for you. I personally love it to bits.

James Starr-Marshall
Great cube

I really like this cube, it is not as free moving as some of my other Moyu cubes. However, it never feels like it is going to fall apart during corner cutting.

Small big cube

Excellent puzzle. Out of the box its a bit dry so a touch of lube helps it a lot. Its a bit tight but personally I feel that on larger cubes thats a good thing as it helps to stop pops. No lockups so far.
It feels very similar to Moyu bigger cubes so if you enjoy them you'll love this one.
Great puzzle at a great price with first class service from KewbzUK . Highly recommended.

Oscar O'Mally-Richardson
Logo not centered

I am angry


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