MFJS MeiLong 11x11

Stickerless Bright
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Please Note: Big cubes have very small pieces and internal parts. Please be extremely careful when turning as these pieces may break easier than expected. Please also ensure adequate tightness before making first turns. We will not accept returns for popped cubes under any circumstances.


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Customer Reviews

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Karen Adams
Fantastic cube.

Excellent cube to add to my collection. It is extremely Smooth when turning feels great, good build quality I would recommend this cube.
I used to buy my cubes from else where but the delivery and customer service was terrible. I will be buying all my future cubes from here the delivery was quick and I like the service from kewbz uk.


Awesome cube and excellent value for money

tony barry

My little boy wanted the 11×11 for a long time, I got it for him with some other cubes on the order.
Really quick delivery yet again considering the Covid-19 pandemic.
Unfortunately he had it a few hours, 2 sides solved already and a little red piece snapped in half.
He rang me in work and he was devastated. After a while he decided it wasn't time to quit so he superglued the piece and stuck in back in.
He is phenomenal I booked him into his first rubiks competition last January in Ireland it was cancelled due to covid 19 and there hasn't been one since.
3x3 - average 25 seconds
4×4 - average 60 seconds
2x2 - average 12 seconds

This little boy 13 years old solved 11×11 without looking at a tutorial on YouTube he just knew what he had to do

Everybody in the world is the best at something but the majority of people never find out what it is, hes lucky he did and I'm sure when he finally get to a competition he will show up people twice his age

What a review make sure you put it on your website, it shows my sons love for the rubiks cube

Hayden Barry

MeiLong 11x11

Really fun puzzle but had a few issues with pieces popping out. Not sure if this is normal for big cubes as this is my first. Managed to get them back in with relative ease and other than that, the quality is amazing. Turning is really smooth, the size is just right and the price is really reasonable. Delivery was extremely quick, great service all around.

Scott Butler
MFJS MeiLong 11x11

This cube really surprised me.
It turns so well for a big cube.
It is so nice to solve.
It looks great with my collection.
It arrived quickly and was well packaged.
Thanks again to Kewbzuk.
Great job.