How to Solve a Skewb

Hey cubers, In this tutorial we will learn how to solve a Skewb puzzle. I will try to make this as idiot proof as possible to cater for everyones learning needs. At the end of each step there will be a video with a graphical representation of what we are doing in each step. Easy, Easy, Easy. This method was not created by me, although it is one of the easiest methods for solving the Skewb.


Now, this is not the proper Skewb notation, it is however, the notation we will be using in this tutorial. There are 2 moves you will need to know.

R = Rotate the Top Right Corner (either clockwise or anti-clockwise)

L = Rotate the Top Left Corner (either clockwise or anti-clockwise)

If your confused with the above images, simply watch the video below to fully understand the faces associated with these 2 moves. Once you are confident that you can perform both L and R moves correctly, you can move on to step 1.

Step 1

So, like I have said in all of the tutorials and walkthroughs on KewbzUK, this is an idiot proof guide and some may think I am being too step-by-steppy, but to cater for everybody it has to be like that. 

In step 1 we will decide which face to start with and then solve 1 side. In this tutorial I will be solving the White face and I suggest you do the same to make the steps even easier. Follow along with the text and watch the video at the end of each step and you'll be solving your Skewb in no time.

To get through this step you will need basic knowledge of how your Skewb works and how the pieces interact with each other. As there are so many different places that your corners can be it is going to be impossible to show you every one of them. 

  1. First of all, find the big white center piece and hold it on the top layer.

  2. Always make sure this white center remains on top, do not rotate your Skewb.
  3. Look around your Skewb for the White, Orange and Green corner piece.
  4. Using the video below and a little common sense, bring this corner to the top layer with the white sticker on the top face.
  5. Locate the White, Orange and Blue corner. 
  6. Using your own knowledge of the Skewb (hopefully) and the video below, insert this Orange, White and Blue corner in the correct space (making sure the white side is on the top layer and you have created a pair of oranges.
  7. Now, locate the White, Red and Blue corner piece.
  8. Using the video below and common knowledge of your Skewb, place this corner piece in the correct space on the top layer (again, making sure that the white side is on the top and you have created a pair of blues).
  9. Locate the last corner piece to be inserting into your top layer and bring it to the top face using the video below as reference.

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Step 2

In step 2 we will be focusing on the center pieces of each face. Hopefully, to make this easier, you started with the white face as we did.

First of all, turn your Skewb over so that the White face which we completed in step 1 is on the bottom.
  1. Note the colour of the center piece on the (what is now) top face. In my case, its orange. Rotate your puzzle until the orange corners on the bottom layer face you (like the image below).
  2. Hold your Skewb like the image above, making sure the top center piece matches the 2 bottom corners which are facing you (orange in the example above).
  3. Perform the algorithm: R' L R L' 
  4. The Orange center piece from the top should now have moves down to the front face.
  5. We now want to repeat steps 2-5.
  6. Note the colour on the top of the Skewb again and rotate your puzzle until the bottom corners match the colour of the center piece on top.
  7. In the example above the Blue center piece on the top layer will be moved down to paid with both blue corners on the bottom layer. Just perform the algorithm from above: R' L R L' 
  8. Repeat the process until all of the center pieces are in the correct position.

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Step 3
  1.  Make sure that if you followed us and solved the same layers and colours as us that you have the yellow center piece on the top layer still.
  2. Do you have case 2 with 2 yellow corners on the top layer?

  3. If not, jump ahead to number 5. If you do have this case, hold your Skewb in the same orientation as the image above (so that the yellow sticker on the front face is in the top/left corner facing you and the other yellow sticker is on the right hand face in the top/back corner).
  4. Perform the algorithm: R' L R L' (x2)
  5. You should have this case.

  6. Hold your Skewb in the same orientation as the image above and perform the same algorithm as above: R' L R L' (x2) 
  7. Your Skewb should now be solved!  

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Rock Cowles - Apr 29, 2017

Thank you. The first step was a struggle for me, but I did it once and I’ll do it again. Very weird rotations after a few months of 3×3×3 and 2×2×2.

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