YJ YuShi 6x6 V2 M

Colour: Black
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Top customer service

Ordered to replace a Christmas present (a stickered cube that was losing its stickers).
Received quickly and efficiently and offered a credit note/free gift for the faulty stickered cube. My daughter loves it!

Very Good

The only cube I brought with magnetic and can honestly say its a joy to use and excellent value. The only reason its not a 5 is because the colours seem very dull. The blue is a light blue instead of a dark blue, so this kind of sticks out compared to the rest of my collection but perhaps a set of stickers can remedy that?

YJ Yushi V2M 6x6

This is AMAZING for a budget 6x6. This is by far the only decent budget 6x6.You may say the YLM 6x6 but 1.Its more expensive 2.I have heard its not as good.I can say the Yushi is good.Cheap,good magnet strength,nice inner layers,nice outer layers,good corner cutting and one thing really suprises me,even if you try and corner cut a lot it wont catch pieces or pop and if you want pieces to catch(which you shouldnt)then you have to try extremely hard.Also nice shades(mine is in stickered),size and speed.
Good 6x6 over all.
It is hard to find a good cheap 6x6 but this is one of them.

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