YJ MGC 5x5 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Lovely Cube

2nd 5x5 that I own and first magnetic, the feel of using the cube is amazing. Just a little bit of setup and I'm flying.

absolutely incredible

The MGC 5x5 was such a huge improvement over my previous 5x5 (a budget non magnetic one) and got me into 5x5. Out of the box, it was loose so I tightened it by 360º. It was incredibly fast (maybe too fast!) so I added weight 4 and mystic and now it's super buttery and quick. The only issues I had were a few centre caps flying off when turning too aggressively and a bit of spring noise. Apart from that, this cube is a joy to use and the best economy 5x5 on the market, so go ahead and pick one up if you have the budget, you won't be disappointed!

Great 5x5, after a bit of setup...

Rootb this cube was fairly loose and unstable, aswell as dry. I soon fixed this unstable feeling by tightening the screws by half-a-turn on each side, and I made the mistake of then putting lots of Lubest XMT-10 in the puzzle, making it way too fast. But recently, I ordered some weight-5 and mystic lube and after putting a generous amount of weight-5 as near to the inside as possible and by just putting a drop of mystic on the outer layers, this cube is now buttery smooth yet still very controlable and stable. So, if you decide to purchase this cube then I would recommend getting some weight-5 and some mystic lube aswell, (If you don't already have these lubes!)

Lovely stuff

This is my first 5x5 and I really couldn't be happier. The cube is smooth right out of the box and with a bit of tweaking only gets smoother. The guys at Kewbz dispatched my order the very next day so great service from them. What more can I say, brilliant!


This cube is epic. It costs less than 20 pounds and is nearly as good as my valk 5 and its half the price. The outer layers are fast and don't lock up much. The inner layers are also speedy and don't lock up too much. What can I say, get this cube!!!!

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