YuXin Little Magic 3x3 M

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Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
riley woodhouse
Lovely budget cube

Straight out of the box the cube looks striking, with a really nice glossy finish to the plastic.
The turning felt a bit dry and the tensions were a little weird at first but after I set the cube up with some terra (Kewbz uk weight 1) lube and adjusted the tensions the cube felt really great, a nice gummy feel to it.
My times aren’t quite as good as my main (cubers home wrm) but it’s honestly more fun to solve because of the glossy plastic and the smoother turning. It’s also cheap, so I don’t worry about taking it on the train or in the car. (Excellent service from kewbz uk as always)

Isabella Woor
Great starter cube

As my first cube it’s a great budget cu. it moves smoothly and quickly, I’m loving the magnets

Buddy T Harlow
Brilliant cube

I really like this cube. It turns very smoothly and the magnets give it an excellent feel. The click is very satisfying. It is very affordable and great quality for the price. It very tough - I have thrown it around a lot and it is still as quick as ever. Would reccomend


One of the best cubes around in this price bracket, great to use straight out of the box. The finish is shiny plastic which I don't mind but others may find a distraction, but it.makes.It feel.more.premium than the price suggests. Perfect entry level magnetic 3x3.

Matthew H
Top Quality for Low Budget Cube

Thought I would get a 3x3 since I have recently purchased a 2x2 and a Skewb.

I can not find fault with this budget speed cube. Straight out the box it is super fast although it did need tightening up. Now all I need to do is learn how to solve it.