YuXin Little Magic 2x2

Stickerless Bright

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Dan Goloveckis
Best Budget Cube

An awesome cube, especially for its prize, it came perfectly tightened and pre lubed. Very smooth and big corner cutting, would definitely recommend to any beginner and intermediate.

Joel Griffiths
Great cube

Amazing cube for the price, flows very smoothly. Required no setup

Zain Anjam
Competitive Cube, Competitive Price

At only £5.99, this inexpensive cube is great for beginner cubers.

Initial Reactions - Out of the Box
Out of the box, this cube is very fast, perfect for drilling algorithms and spamming TPS. The stickerless shades are great, with vivid shades, perfect for cubing in lower light levels. The cornercutting on this cube was 45 degrees forward and half a piece reverse and is perfect out of the box for people who don't like setting up cubes.

This cube required minimal setup. I tightened the tensions by a half turn on all sides to make it more stable and lubed the core with Traxxas 50K. This cube is now very stable and with excellent corner cutting. It now cuts comfortably over 45 degrees and 3/4 a piece reverse. This cube is now an excellent choice for intermediate cubers. The only way this cube can be improved is with magnets.

At only £5.99, this cube is great for people learning 2x2 or even to use in competitions. The cube is exceptional out of the box and requires little to no setup to be great. I would definitely recommend picking this up at KewbzUK at this competitive price.

Sebastian Meadow
Exceptional fell, but POPPING

The first thing that I thought when I turned this puzzle for the first time was 'Wow. I'm never going to feel a puzzle as soft as this again'. To date, I was right. The next thing I though was, 'Why TF does is keep popping so easily?!'. Honestly for me, this is a deal breaker for me to use this is comp, because it's just not reliable in terms of pooping. My turning style isn't even that aggressive, yet I have to be SO careful when I turn that this thing doesn't pop. Therefore I would say that the corner cutting on this puzzle is just bad, because if you turn slightly off - POOF in your hands.


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