YuXin Kylin V2 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Spot on

Big step up from non magnetic speed cubes. I'm beginner working on getting times down each algorithm and learning more algorithms to reduce moves. This has a more satisfying feeling that non magnetic cubes at a still very pocket money price. Many reviewers said thunder clap at this price but with my knowledge and the clear multitude of cubes jumping on the thunder clap name just couldn't buy with any confidence. Happy with this may still upgrade and quite enjoying the small collection of cubes building up on my desk.

Jordan Cutler
Great Cube

I'm only a beginner so this was an upgrade from a standard Rubik's cube. It is a great, smooth cube with a good feel when the sides are lined up because of the magnets. I don't have any experience to compare it to any other speed cubes, but for the price, I feel that it is a great cube for the value, especially for having magnets

Joe Dalzell
Perfect for the price

All it needs is a little loosening, feels great, snaps into place nicely but not too strongly.

OK, but better cubes are available

I'm not a huge fan of YuXin cubes (MoYu and QiYi are more to my taste), but thought I'd give this one a go.

Out of the box my cube was dry and tight. After lube and adjusting the screws it's still a bit stiff. The magnetic strength is quite low, and I find the resistance from the plastic as the slices rub together is actually stronger than the magnets. The cube is pretty stable though, and the transparent version is a visual change.

In the same price range you can get a Thunderclap v3, a QiYi MS, a MF3RS3 or a RS3 M 2020 - all are much better cubes (especially the RS3 2020 - you cannot get a better cube for the money!)

Great cube for the price

Smooth turning, good corner cutting. Good that it is magnetic at this price range. I prefer the tiles to stickered cubes as they can't come off (and you can annoy non-cubers who just peel the stickers off). A proper stickerless version would have been even better though. It's not as good as some more expensive cubes but this does cost only two quid more than a Rubik's brand (eurgh).

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