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Customer Reviews

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Fun Little Ball

I have a couple of ball puzzles, but this one is definitely the easiest and most fun! I’ve not had the unfortunate issue that Oscar did below, and I feel like this cube is quite tough!

If you’re looking for a beginner puzzle then I would highly suggest getting this as its really intuitive to solve!
(Pound coin for scale)

Oscar Archibald
Broke easily

I was very excited to receive the cube and I loved it! It has a bumpy texture which I don't love. It's a great puzzle, it turns excellently and all that jazz, but when it rolled off my normal-height desk onto a wooden floor (a predictable occurrence given its spherical shape), it exploded and the metal core snapped. So, I recommend this cube, but just be careful with it!

Hey Oscar! Thanks for the review :)
I've asked our supplier to send a replacement core, do you still ahve the Yeet Ball or has it made its way to the great puzzle heaven? (bin, lol)

If you still have it ill have the replacement core shipped out with your next order :)

- Luke

I like events
Great ball great price and great yeeting potential

I love this cube. You can roll it. You can yeet it. You can turn it too. But seriously this cube is so good. The quality is a lot better than i was expecting for the price. The solve isn't challenging but its fun.

Fun to have

This is basically an ivy cube or 6 spot cube but a ball shape!
It's quite easy to solve. It came really dry so I added some mystic lube and now it's smoother.

The only problem with this is that the spring noise is REALLY bad, like the worst I've experienced. It's not a huge problem in terms of level of fun, but it would still be great to have a lube and spring noise reduction service at KewbzUK.
So I popped off the cap to lube the screw with some GAN magic, and put the 3-part cap back on. The spring noise went away completely, but for some reason, the cap didn't fit on properly for me! It sticks out a bit
If you look at picture 2, you can see one of the caps is a bit loose.

But while solving, it's not too bad. Thanks for crazy service KewbzUK
Zoom baby

Matthew Kilpatrick
Fun fun fun

An ivy cube you can roll!
What greater puzzle could you want?