YJ MGC3 Elite

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Customer Reviews

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Okay, im gonna be truthful here.
I'm not a proper cuber. My best is 38 seconds and average is 46seconds.
This cube right here is a game changer. I was so used to the thunderclap. As good as that cube is, this one trumps it entirely.
After a little bit of setting up (so easy to do with its adjustments) I found my happy place with the settings and this is now my main.
I'm going to be getting another couple at somepoint.
I cant recommend this enough. And for 20 quid. Bit more pricier, but still a bargain.

After 1 day

After 1 day i got my pb single of 10.14, so close to sub 10, OOTB was pretty stable and tight with moderate to light catching so i loosened it about 1/3 turn which improved corner cutting and minimised catching but felt too fast so i set the tension on 6th setting, all settings feel noticeably difderent which suits a variety of turning styles, magnets are definitely very strong even on the weaker setting but dont feel obstructing when solving but do assist with the speed and fluidity of the puzzle, first cube i bought from here and will definitely buy a lot more, overall it's a win!!

Great for price

I'ts the perfect cube. cusomisible cheap (ish)
comes withe stuff great.
10/10 very good

Smooth and fluent

Really nice cube, very smooth, fast and easy to use.
My query though... why advertise the fact that it comes with a solution pamphlet and instructions when they are not readable to 99% of the uk or 90% of the world as they are in chinese?
If your buying the cube and not relying on the instructions or solution pamphlet then it's a great buy

YJ MGC3 Elite

My friend loved this cube so, I bought another one for him in stickerless.
He is delighted with it.
I have had mine a little while now and I can’t fault it in any way.
Such an excellent speed cube.
It arrived very quickly.
Big thanks to Kewbzuk.

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