YJ MGC Evo 3x3

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Broken after a few months

Core arm snapped while turning and exploded in my hands. Irreparable. Disappointing, as it I quite liked this cube and also because I bought this with an xmass gift voucher.

Fast turning and easy customisation

Good cube. Really easy to customize and change the settings. Very fast and light with a dry feel. My only issue is the texture of the cube makes it a bit slippery for me. It's not a major problem, just some time to get used to the feel.
Very good value for money.

Excellence and simplicity

Most new flagship cubes have two different adjustments inside the centre piece. MG C has only one. So my first worry was that I'd struggle to find a perfect setting for myself. There are 11 different options from 0-10. 0-5 are too unstable for my liking. 6-7 are nice and stable without compromising on corner cutting. I'm on 9 because corner cutting is so great on this cube that I happily sacrificed tiny portion of it for even more stability.
Magnets settings are really strong on 6 and hardly noticible on 1, therefore anyone should be happy with them, regardless of preference.
I used weight 5 on the springs and the tracks and weight 3 on the pieces.
This cube is very light. It almost feels like it's made of foam rather than plastic. Probably the closest thing to GAN, but for a reasonable price. Nevertheless some people will appreciate more substantial puzzles.
I own multiple different 3x3's and this is one of the best. Just buy it and enjoy

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Mark Ingram
Pleasantly surprised!

Wasn’t too sure after taking the evo out of its box and seeing how it was, very catchy and not particularly stable. Having an initial play with the settings I was surprised to see there was no capability to adjust tension (center/core distance). After changing the settings for elasticity and magnet strength it started to move a lot better, it felt much more stable but was still catchy and very fast. Using a mix of Martian and Comet SCS lube added a much needed sense of control. It took a fair bit of breaking in but now it is close to excellence imho, best way to describe its feel now is to compare it to an 11m pro without the corner/core magnet system. Now if only there was a cubershome kit to add that it would possibly be a near perfect cube, especially for the price! Well recommended, if you don’t mind putting the time in..

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