X-Man Tornado V2 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great value cube

I purchased this as I was interested in how good this really was for £20.

Firstly the packaging of this cube does feel premium, it has a nice cube box, similar to that of the Valk, a Cube pouch and a great little Screwdriver/Adjustment tool with 4 different magnetic heads, so a good start.

Now to the Cube itself, when i first removed it and tried a couple of solves, i was not that that impressed, the cube felt sandy and tight and the corner cutting was terrible. It did feel quite stable but also fast, so the potential was there.

I initially lubed it with some Silk and this immediately removed the sandy feeling and the cube felt much better, but it was still set up way too tight for my personal liking, so i then played around with the elasticity and tension settings, which are so easy to use and a real revelation. I have set both these to 1, which is the loosest and the cube now feels great and the corner cutting is vastly improved (still not the best but perfectly acceptable). I also adjusted the magnet settings, from 1 through 5, but found for me the middle setting of 3 is best. Again these are easy to adjust, but you do need to adjust both sides, unlike the similarly prices YJ MGC Elite, where the magnets are linked from one side to the other.

The plastic on the cube is slightly shinier than a GAN, but feels of similar quality and the colours are also similar although the red is slightly redder (if that makes sense!). It does have a GAN type of feeling to it (once set up), and i would say to me if feels most like a 354 M V2, partly down to the smaller size, but the magnet strength is also quite similar too.

In conclusion this is one of the best cubes you can buy at this price point. For me not quite as nice as some more premium cubes, but 95% as good for 50% of the price.

-Feels more premium than the price suggests
-Fast but Stable
-Great Accessories and Packaging
-Adjustability is excellent
-Feels great when set up

-Takes some time setting up, but well worth the effort
-Centre caps a bit tricky to use

Smooth, fast, and stable... but...

I received this cube as a gift. My main is the Gan 11 M Pro, and it has a similar feel, in terms of speed and magnetism.

The positives:
- Fast.
- Stable.
- Easily adjustable.
- Light.
- Very VERY quiet. The quietest cube I've ever owned.
- The plastic feels premium. It feels like a more expensive cube than the Gan 11, despite being less than half the price.

The negatives:
- Corner cutting doesn't feel nice.

Additionally, it's very slightly smaller than most cubes, and the shades in the colour scheme are a little unusual (but I like them).

I think that this is an excellent cube, but especially if you're very concise with your turns and don't rely too much on corner cutting capability.