X-Man Flare 2x2 M

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Customer Reviews

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Satisfying to play with, well worth the price. Came a bit sticky and needed tensioning, nice strong magnets though, has a sturdy feel as well. Locks up every now and then but otherwise a good purchase.

Oscar Archibald
Needs some break-in

The cube is really solid and feels very premium. Excellent unboxing experience, feels like I'm getting what I paid for. Beautiful black internals, nice glossy shades, and awesome red magnet capsules for the adjustable magnets (you adjust the magnets on one corner piece, screwdriver not included). Out of the box it's pretty catchy, and honestly not that great. I added some Lubest XMT-10 and it immediately improved. After about 200 solves (it sounds like a lot, but in 2x2 terms it was only an hour or two), it started to improve, and now I can thoroughly recommend it - just be wary that you might not love it straight of the bat. Overall, a really solid cube.

Robert G
Nice 2x2

It is fast, the adjustable magnets are nice and easy.

It is a lot lighter than the Valk 2M,and turning is different. Out of the box it feels better than I remember the Valk 2M, but I have got so use to the Valk now I have it set up, I am finding the X-Man Flare a little odd.
No PB yet, but my average over 100 solves is better with the X-Man Flare.

Would recommend this cube.

Ben Helliwell
Great, but...

This cube is amazing out of the box, the adjustable magnet system is very easy to overlook and it took me a good few days of use to realize you could alter them.
My only issue is lockups.
lots.... and lots... of lockups.
It's impossible to achieve a good average time when turning with a fast TPS at a higher level because the cube has very reduced corner cutting compared to something like the Weipo WRM or the Valk 2,

Overall though i think that this is a really good start considering this is the first 2x2 to be released under the x-man sub-brand, and i think there is great things to come if they release a v2.

sandrew hen
part 2

When I started turning , I noticed this locks up quite a bit. It turns so satisfying too. I t has a glossy finish so it is quite grippy. I'd recommend this cube to anybody as it comes with a GAN like tutorial . Qiyi are getting a bit like GAN