Valk 5 M

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
FC 3X3
Fantastic cube

The cube locked up out of the box, but I still liked it quite a bit. It has a small amount of lube out of the box, but that was fixed with a clean.

I cleaned this cube, and holy the inner layers are fast and smooth. It has better inners than others in my opinion, but it is still great for 3x3 stage, due to the others being fast but not uncontrollable. I set it up with lubicle black in the core, and adheron lite on the pieces to create a fast cube with little resistance. Better than the mgc due to its centre caps cooperating this time, instead of flying off when I disassemble it, which the mgc did. I’m getting decent times, but I’m just finding my way back into 5x5, after not having a good one for months. If you’re willing to pay this much, go for it.

I like events
Valk 5

This cube is fantastic. The outer layers are quick and clean and don't lock up much at all and the inner layers also don't lock up that much and have an amazing feeling. With my setup of solar and lunar this cube has a very plush feel and is quite quick

George Carpenter
Snappy and respensive

Replaced my very old and much loved V-Cube, the magnets are a nice upgrade for inner slice moves.. which as a K4 user I use a lot.. they are snappy and responsive and there is almost an audible click when they snap into place which takes a little getting used to but is rather nice as a confirmation that your previous move is now complete.

I'm still waiting for it to be faster than my V-Cube however, but I can't fault the cube.. only myself.

Ao5: 1:41.51
1. 1:35.51
2. 1:47.43
3. 1:41.57
4. (1:57.50)
5. (1:32.75)

5 Star Valk

I have the black version. Stickers look good. I like everything about it. Just to add another 5 stars.

Great performance

This 5x5 is by far my favorite, it has a very crisp feeling (especially compared to the Aochuang GTS2M which feels very gummy), the corner-cutting, and the lockups are minimal. I set it up with weight 5 and a few drops of martian lube, highly recommend this set-up!

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