X-Man Bell Pyraminx V2 M

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

My 9yo had been wanting a pyraminx for a little while and I'd heard that the X-Man Bell was good. After reading the reviews on here I ordered it and so pleased I did. Arrived really quickly (thanks Kewbz) and my son loves it. His solve speed is getting faster by the day.

FC 3X3
Very good ootb and with set up

I have had this puzzle since Christmas, and have changed the magnet strength to the strongest setting. This setting is the perfect strength for me. Out of the box, it had some spring noise, which was easily fixed by lubing it with Max Command. I set this Pyraminx up with Angstrom Gravitas and Dignitas on the Tracks, and Cubicle Labs Silk on the tips and sides of the pieces. This, along with some complementary DNM-37 creates a controllable, yet swift and smooth feel, something I really enjoy. I’m not that great at pyraminx, but this will get me some great times once I learn l4e.

This is a fantastic pyraminx, and I highly recommend even if you are starting this event. NOTE: it is great out of the box so if you don’t have lube, then it still will perform great.

I like events
Great Pyraminx

I really like this pyra but I main the v1 instead for 1 reason. This pyra may be more customizable have better turning and be better in most ways. But the one thing i dislike about this pyra is the plastic. I find it to be not as grippy as the bell v1 but its not too bad. Im not amazing at pyra though and just really like the v1.

Matthew Wardle
Best pyra on the market

Being one of the most expensive pyraminxes on the market, this cube may put people off, but I can tell you this is the best pyraminx I have tried! It's super speedy yet gummy and smooth, and the adjustable magnets cater to everyone's needs. Super comfortable to hold and super soft plastic. It's a great deal!!

hi my names person and i review every single thing i have when im bored yay whatever
i got it in a lucky dip

its really cool, and u canchange magnets idk whatever its nice its smooth k

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