QiYi Valk 3 Elite M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Mark Ingram
Fast becoming a favourite..

Absolutely loving my elite so far. I'm using the red springs and magnets at the moment, those combined with a few drops of Martian makes it feel quick with a soft but firm snap as the magnets connect. To a degree I like the feel of it over my 11m pro.

lee mcd
Decent cube.. But probably not for me

Have been using the gan x and xs for some time and wanted to try other makes. I ordered this and the rs3m 2020 which is fantastic for the price I think. However I'm struggling with this cube. Took quite a bit of trying to get the settings right for me. It does have quite a unique feel when turning. It feels good when I turn slow but as soon as I try to solve at my normal speed I really struggle with it. I would describe the turning feel as crisp and precise. Rather then the gan and rs3 m as soft and smooth.

Skewb Pop-God
Worst flagship cube I had

The plastic covers of the cube don't really lock of to to cube very well, and the cube feels really cheap and hard to turn. Centre cap magnets aren't really something that enhance the rubik's cube well, the primary internals looks nice though. I recommend the Original Valk 3 than this cube

Very good if you want this style of cube

The Valk 3 Elite M is a high quality cube that will be wonderful if you prefer the turning style it provides. Otherwise, there may be better options available.

The cube is in the snappy, clicky style of other QiYi cubes - if you have used a QiYi MS or a Thunderclap v3 for example, then this is similar.

The difference is in turn speed - the Thunderclap for example turns quickly, the Valk is slower in turns. That makes it great if you have a precise and controlled turning style, and like to 'place' the slices but can cause some issues if you have a messier style and rely more on just flicking the slices around and getting ready for the next one. Placing the slices works, shoving them around at speed doesn't.

For this price point I'd suggest taking a look at a MoYu GTS3 M (a bit cheaper actually), which is also sold by Kewbz. The Valk is very good but, for my style of cubing it isn't one I'll be using regularly

smooth crunchy clicky

this cube is amazing! it replaced my old main (the gan 356 x) it has a a very clicky and smooth feel

the tensions were perfect out of the box and the medium springs came pre installed but came with strong and weak springs but the medium ones were perfect and so were screw tensions

there are magnets in centercaps which adds so much stability it unreal. it came with medium magnets and also came with strong and no magnets. the strong magnets were to strong which i wasn’t expecting

basically everything is perfect out of the box

must buy

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