QiYi 48 Klotski Puzzle (7x7)

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Robert G
I've got all the number slide puzzles :)

These Qiyi Klotski are by far the best sliding puzzles, I have ever tried. Would like to get the other Qiyi Klotski puzzles, but looks as if I will have to wait for kewbz to get them in.

Very good quality

I got this along with the 35 puzzle. They are both really enjoyable to solve as you can do them intuitively. Even non cubers would find it fun.

The magnets under each tile are medium strength so they don't ruin the experience (but strong enough so if you turn the puzzle upside down the tiles won't fall off)

Tip: for the last 2 rows, solve them vertically so 36 - 43 first then 37 - 44 :)))

Uzair Malik
Easy but a lot of fun, good quality too

This puzzle was a bit of an impulsive purchase for me, but I don't regret it. One thing I will say is that if you are planning to get a Klotski puzzle, the bigger the better. They are all pretty easy, especially if you're fluent in figuring out puzzles already. However due to the last stages they are not trivial and so there is some challenge.

The quality of the puzzle itself is excellent, the pieces are basically not held in place except by the virtue of being surrounded (basically if you turn the puzzle upside down all the numbered pieces will fall out) which means that movement is extremely smooth and effortless. To avoid annoying issues such as pieces misaligning, QiYi have added subtle magnets to every piece which makes the movement pretty satisfying and keeps things where you want them.

So in conclusion I would highly recommend this, just keep in mind it is pretty easy if you're into twisty puzzles, and also it is bigger than you'd expect. I would estimate 30x30x30 cm in dimension.