QiYi 1x3x3 Fidget Cube Spinner

QiYi 1x3x3 Fidget Cube Spinner

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Introducing the all new 1x3x3 Super Floppy and Fidget Spinner combo by QiYi Toys. An exciting new addition to any NxN collection. Built with the highest quality ball bearings and sleek aerodynamic design makes the QiYi 1x3x3 Fidget Spinner a real record breaking toy. 

Weight: 43g
Approx Size: 2.4cm x 5.6cm x 5.6cm
Available Colours: Black, Blue, Pink

All of our twisty puzzles & Rubik's Cubes are brand new. Due to the nature of these puzzles they may become loose after the first hour or so of playing/twisting. Don't be alarmed, most puzzles allow you to 'Re-Adjust' them and set them up exactly as you want them. Simply read our "How to adjust your cube" blog for instructions on how to do this.

Please Note: Not all puzzles allow adjusting.

Confused on how this puzzle works? Watch the video below for a quick preview.

Customer Reviews

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Speed cubes

My son who is 11 has become very interested in Rubik’s cubes. He loves these designs and the variation on the Rubik cube.

A fun little twist

Excellent construction, turns well, and spins for ages.

A novelty worth having, also comes with an embossed pouch.

Great Novelty Item

This 1x3x3 spinner turns pretty well for what it is but can be stiff if unlubed. But the actual spinner works really well and spins for quite a few minutes. Really nice to look at as well for collection purposes as well!

Amusing novelty puzzle

Alright, I got this because I wanted a super floppy cube and not because it's a spinner, the novelty just added to the appeal. There's a lot of fun to be had by altering the shape and playing around with it. It's also cool to show people who aren't into cubes as they can easily solve it. Overall pretty neat.

Fun and easy to solve

First of all, is this a fidget cube or spinner?
This is a super floppy cube with a fidget spinner mechanism, and is really fun to mess about with. You can spin it in its normal shape, or in some weird but cool combinations. And this is quite literally the fastest turning puzzle on the market. Would recommend to anyone, even non-cubers, as it isnt easy to solve, but not too hard either