MSCube MS3 V1 M (Enhanced)

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Max Colverson
Good Mid Range Cube

Its a good cube with nice feel, but lockups and pops can happen when going for harder finger tricks. Individual peices are well made, not a hollow feel, and the tensioning system is nice. Would recommend cleaning the cube before and adding your own lube as the stuff it came with felt a bit sticky and made turns a bit too rough. Not bad for a first cube from the company, and excited to see what they make next!

Very good cube

While it may need a little bit of setting up and getting used to when you get used to it you can get some really fast times should try to get used to the unique feel before you put the cube down as when you get used to the feel it can easily contend with the gan 11mpro

Great Cube

This cube is really
Great, it’s controllable, good corner cutting, to me it feels like a gan cube, with the slight sound of a valk
Definitely recommend it

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Mark Ingram
Nice mid-range alternative

Lots of people are going to compare this to the 11m pro and compared to that it's good but not great.. but for nearly half the price it's a decent alternative to cubes like the TengYun v2. Overall its a decent lightweight cube with a new twist to the tensioning system and a new magnet placement similar to the valk elite m. Could have done with the ability to make it a bit tighter as it can deform if you aren't careful. I used a bit of weight 5 cubicle lube on the tracks and a few drops of the scs nebula lube to slow it down a bit and add a bit of stability. I'm looking forward to seeing what they come out with next, I'm expecting a v2 with a magnet change system, if so I'll definitely be adding it to my collection.

Sean Poole
Dope cube

Really good cube. Takes a hours of beating and a big slurp of lube to start performing but now im super happy with it 💩