MoYu WeiLong WR M

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David C
Very NICHE but great cube

This is a very shiny/smooth plastic cube which feels greasy easily, not the nicest feeling but I got used to it. It’s very shiny. The plastic is annoyingly thin and translucent which isn’t great.
The magnets are simply too weak unless you love nearly no magnet strength, so I bought N42 strength 4x1mm magnets (although 3x1mm might’ve been a better size). I put these in the edges and it made a brilliant improvement, perfect strength for me combined with the feeling of the cube.
Loads of personalisation on tensions, I love it fast and light which this cube really delivers on with good magnet strength now.
This is my main I think, even compared to the GAN 11 M Pro. Really enjoy using it.

Great Fast Fluent

It is really good, love it's feel I even smashed all of my PBs. Mine is wearing down a bit because I've had it for about 2 years now, might get one soon.

Angel Gabbott
Amazing, fast and smooth

This cube is amazing cube from the Moyu rs3m 2020 it is soo much faster and smoother. It is definitely worth fit if you have the money you won’t regret it if you like a fast puzzle with light magnets. I broke my PB within 2 hours of using this puzzle. I used to use Gan cubes but now I realise I love Moyu cubes which have some weight but they still turn really fast and they are still really smooth.

Mike oxmall

Smooth straight out the books and even better with lube on it

Charlie Harrison
Great cube!

The box came a bit scuffed, but that's fine, of course. The cube was quite loose out of the box, but I tightened it and it was OK. This cube is very customisable with its dual adjustment system. I set the compression to 8 and put Traxxas 50K in it, and now it is an amazing cube that I could solve on all day.

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