MoYu WeiLong WR M 2021

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Customer Reviews

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Insane Genius
Good performance & value for money!

I ordered this to try another cube (normally use GAN 11M Pro) and the price was too good to overlook. Out the box the cube feels small compared to my normal but I didn’t mind! After adding some Lunar and breaking in & fiddling with the adjustments have found my setting (Tension 3, Magnets 4). The cube feels smooth and fast to turn and corner cutting is good (tho not as forgiving as GAN 11M). As a previous reviewer has mentioned the overall quality is good but there were some sharp corner edges and the magnet adjustment, although straightforward, it is difficult to see what setting you are on! Overall I feel this is a very good cube for the money (half the price of GAN 11M Pro) and offers a lot in terms of customising spring tension & magnet strength. The accessories and spares included are excellent!! Will not replace as my main but I enjoy doing solves with different feel to the “GAN” feel I am used to! I look forward to the Bluetooth SmartCube version that I have recently seen is in the pipeline!

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Mark Ingram
New main?

Really nice to use so far, smooth and fast.. though it would probably suit precise turners better as it can get out of shape if you don’t watch what you’re doing. Quality is good though the corner points can feel a bit sharp, not quite up to Gan 11m standards yet, but pretty good all in. Only real gripe is the magnet adjustment, they could have made them easier to see what the current setting is, very difficult to see what setting the barrel is on unlike the tornado v2. The toolkit/spares box is pretty much the same as last years one with the only changes being the addition of the tool handle and a little baggy underneath with 4 magnet strength adjuster bits. The other change is the removal of the spare magnets, from what I have seen on the promotional photos it looks like moyu may possibly be looking at offering different strength or maybe colour (probably both) magnet capsules to swap out at a later date?? Still playing with my settings at the moment, have turned the screws in half a turn from factory setting, spring tension to 5 and the magnets on setting 2. Tried it on setting 3 for magnets at first but 2 seems more solid, I like strong magnets but setting 1 is overkill!!

Brian T.
I've never felt faster...

Amazing cube. Straight out the box it feels a bit special. I love the finish and turns are lightning fast but ultra stable. My new favourite 3x3 without a doubt. A massive improvement on the 2020. Definitely recommended!