MoYu WeiLong WR M 2020

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great cube

Really fast, 0 pops after a lot of solves. Stickers weren't completely straight in some places, and had some small air bubbles, but I intended on restickering at some point anyway, so not really a big deal for me personally.

sandrew hen

out of the box, the WRM 2020 is very fast and sandy. After a while it starts to get buttery and was my main until I got the GAN 11M pro. It comes with many tools to customize the cube.

Alex Munden
Really fun, with some speed issues

I love this cube and it's my main but it needs slowing down and setting up. But after that it is honestly the best cube I have ever had

Jan A
InstaMain - well, after a bit of setup

Before I got this cube, I had been using the QiYi Valk 3 Elite M and whilst I was mostly happy with the Valk, there were a couple of things which didn't make it my perfect choice for 3x3 main. The first was the colour shades of the stickerless model which I have and the other was the fact the the corner caps stick out over the rest of the corner piece. This meant that I would regularly catch a finger or thumb and dislodge the corner caps during a solve. Corner twists were also a frequent happening on the Valk but that could mostly be blamed on me preferring very light tensions and my slighly sloppy turning.

Out of the box, the Weilong WRM 2020 is very sandy and incredibly fast. Couple that with the very light stock magnets it was very hard to control. After setting up with Angstrom lubes and a few drops of Martian this became an instant hit with me and I knew that it would soon become my main. In the same way as a previous reviewer, I also added extra magnets into each of the edges which then gave me my preferred magnet strength and ulmately a 3x3 that I can control perfectly.

The colour shades are vibrant and the piece design is such that I don't catch my fingers on the pieces and dislodge them. Finally, in all the thousands of solves I've done on it, I've had maybe 3 corners twists, so this cube addresses all of the issues I had with my previous main. In short, the MoYu Weilong WRM 2020 rocks!!!

Andy Lewis
I adore this cube!!!

I liked this one out of the box. It's a great quality product, very customisable, has a lovely feel to it, and it was quickly second only to my GTS 3M for the way it feels and turns. And the it's a lot quieter than the GTS 3 M (which, to be fair, isn't difficult) - and my only complaint was that I personally favour stronger magnets.

Then I tried dropping some extra magnets in, which took all of ten minutes. Oh boy. This is now my all-time favourite cube. It is just astounding - fast, stable, controllable, and I honestly can't imagine a cube which is more fun to use than this one is now. Highly recommended.

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