MoYu RS3M - MagLev

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Adam Greenwood
Great little cube

I have the Gan 11M Pro and a Gan 12 Leap. I'd say this cube is 5% below the level of those two and is obviosuly a fraction of the price. If money is no object go for the Gan but for the price of this you really can't go wrong. Super quick (I put some weight 3 lube in it to slow it down) and feels stable. I prefer it to the Weilong 2020 and a could other more expensive cubes that I have given how light it is.

Best budget cube

I loved the original RS3M 2020, and bought this new version because of the intriguing MagLev technology, and in my opinion it is even better than the RS3M 2020. Because of the MagLev, the cube has no horrid spring noise out of the box, and it can now maintain a faster speed and a lower friction feel at the same stability, and after lubing it with Nebula , Mystic and DNM-37, it was super smooth but at the same speed as before. Certainly a main contender!

Remarkable cube for the money

Feels like you get 90% of the more expensive cubes for way less money.

Gordon Miller
Best Cube I've ever used.

I was blown away by the MoYu RS3 2020, and this seems to be exactly the same but with MagLev. It seems to have the same feel for me, but without the occasional pinging sound of springs (which I didn't realise was annoying until I used a cube that didn't do it). As a result this is definitely my new main and I'm sure I'll buy lots more of them.

Steven Jose
Great value

Really like this cube, bought it because I was curious about the maglev thing. Will stick with it and have given away my Gan….

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