MoYu AoYan Skewb M

Colour: Black
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Nice cube.

I really like the dipped centers on this skewb, they make it really easy to hold. The magnets are strong, but not too strong. Has a bit of spring noise out of the box, but that can be sorted out by lubing it. Definitely good for the price.

Hollow ish cube or should I say Skewb

It is quite hollow but it is quick. I would recommend this though

Fantastic Skewb and Great Customer Service

Ordered a black Skewb by mistake so contacted customer services in the hope they changed my order before shipment. Only 1 hour later a response and change to my order was received. Brilliant. Further emails we also responded to quickly and professionally. Thanks Hollie :-)

This is my first Skewb and it took me a week to get to grips with the design and movement of the cube compared to a regular 3x3.

Decided to change to the concave center caps and now feels so much better. Simple to remove and change over.

Now all that is left is to speed up my solving and keep it away from my son.


All I can say is: Wow!

What a nice puzzle! There are options in the stickerless version to change the centre caps for a different grip, with the ability to adjust the tensions.

Out of the box it's a bit fast, but once you get used to it the puzzle is very comfortable and controllable.

Kewbz UK, as ever, provided excellent customer service, with a fast delivery.

This will help provide the option to use a higher end cube to improve your skills.

If you prefer a slower puzzle which feels more 'stable', the Little Magic would be an excellent option.


This is and amazing cube %100 recommend it's abit hard for me to get the caps of but I like the flat caps a bit better

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