MFJS MeiLong 10x10

Stickerless Bright
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Please Note: Big cubes have very small pieces and internal parts. Please be extremely careful when turning as these pieces may break easier than expected. Please also ensure adequate tightness before making first turns. We will not accept returns for popped cubes under any circumstances.


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Customer Reviews

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Thomas Delacour (YouTube: Tom's Cubes)
superb puzzle

This 10x10 turns unbelievably well-- truly remarkable. It turns even better than the Meilong 9x9!
Plastic is top quality, and the desin is so good-- it doesn't pop.
For a tenth order cube especially, it is light and fits in (my) hands well, so it's not too physically tiring even on a long solve.
Very good value.
Highly recommended.

Ni Fi
High quality cube at an impressively low price

The finish on this cube is very smooth and shiny so it can get a bit slippy in certain circumstances (like the hot weather I'm enjoying this summer) so wipe it down before any speed solves if you have slippy hands. Also, if your puzzles are routinely scrambled by non cubers, ensure that they align the layers before twisting as I find that it's not overly forgiving regarding corner cutting by less experienced enthusiasts. That said, the twisting action is actually super fast and very smooth without feeling flimsy, light or loose. It's also slightly smaller than my 9x9x9 and consequently gets more use.

James Starr-Marshall
Awesome cube

This is a surprisingly good cube for the price. It moves very smoothly and allows for a reasonable amount of corner cutting given the high complexity of the mechanism.

Scott Butler
MFJS MeiLong 10x10

This is a very good cube.
It turns easy and looks good.
I am glad I bought it.
It arrived quickly and was well packaged.
Thanks, Kewbzuk.

Surprisingly good performer

Really nice cube, turns amazingly well for a cube this size at this price. It feels better then the Meilong 9x9, much smoother and faster. The only small negative point is the slight rattle from the internals of this cube. I'm sure it could be fixed if I wanted to take it apart and adjust it slightly but its really not that big a deal.
Overall its an excellent value puzzle that would be a great buy for anyone looking to get into really small big cubes.