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Customer Reviews

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lucky Dip stickerless

I brought the £10 stickerlesss version and it came with two Non WCA puzzles. one was a very good windmill cube (shengshou) and the other a peach cube from the fruit series. it is a nice edition to my ever growing collection

A pleasant surprise

I have to say that I'm not a huge non-WCA puzzle fan, but when this package arrived with the shengshou evil eyes cube (just an ivy cube) which was £6.99, along with a moyu barrel / redi cube (£5.99) I may have just changed my mind. I have an unboxing video coming out on my youtube channel too (fc 3x3). The puzzles didnt disappoint in price, with the puzzles totalling at £13 as opposed to only £10, which this product costs. I like both cubes and will play around with them more once i figure out how they work. Only bad thing (just an irritating thing) about either of the 2 cubes I received was the redi barrel came with a lot of spring noise which i can easily fix. I can confidently say that I'll be ordering some more of these to unbox on my channel (good for content and actual puzzles).

Great value

Amazing value ordered one got a great cube worth £20. My third Lucky dip I've ordered from here and I have been happy every time amazing cubes.

Slightly disappointed

I am relatively new to cubing and purchased a £10 lucky dip after seeing the great reviews and how good value it is. I received the QiYi Gear Sphere as my lucky dip which looks an interesting puzzle however is listed for £7.99 on this website. Not sure if this was a mistake and is only slightly under the price but still a bit disappointing. But at the end of the day I've got a new puzzle to try which I would never thought of picking so that's good.

Amazing Value! Would recommend

I ordered this because the reviews that said it was great, but I wasn’t expecting much. I got two cubes worth £6.99 and one worth £2.00! I was very happy with what I got and would definitely recommend if you want to expand your collection but don’t know what to get.

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