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(Designed for puzzle hardware)

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
FC 3X3
Not tried it much, but it’s good

It doesn’t really stain skin, from what I’ve found. So far, I’ve used this on my Valk 5 and it made it faster than it was before. I will probably have to try it on my RS3M 2020 to test whether it removes spring noise, since that cube has a lot. The provided gloves help, if you want to be that cautious about your hands and clothes. The fact that it comes in 5cc means it will last a while, since you barely need any to lube one cube. Good lube as of this review’s upload.

Thomas Delacour (YouTube: Tom's Cubes)
Great lube for core

I've lubed the cores of five cubes so far.
In each case, I lubed the spring ends contact points ( screw head underside and base of cenre piece ) plus the washer if present.
I used the tiniest amount to only the core.
It's messy but I just was careful and it cleans off the cube with a cloth easily, especially with a single drop of cube lube on the cloth.
MoYu RS3 M 2020 :
Magnificent cube to begin although one spring was nousy. Core spun much more freely after applying Lubicle Black. Completely removed spring noise from the cube also in this case.
MoYu Meilong budget 3x3x3 : love this cube and sometimes prefer it to my RS3M as it's so smooth anyway out if the box. After Blacking the core, it turned even better noticeably.
'Twisty Puzzle' imported bandage kit cube :
Cube itself was very dry and hard to turn. When strippef, the core was poor to turn. After Blacking, it spun like a dream! Had to lube the cube runners and edges with regular Speedy also and this cheap, gratey cube now feels premium quality and turns lovely.
QiYi (box said Yong Jun) Warrior S:
Beautiful budget already turned incredibly well out of the box, but after Black on the core, it was even more speedy.
"Roxenda' ( unknown actual brand ) super-budget cube:
Core went from stiff turning to free-spin after Black.
Good stuff

John Succler
Brillaint, metal to metal

Good but only on the metal to metal points (which is what it was designed for)...

I didnt see that to begin with so lube the whole mech and pieces with it HAHA! VERY good now its cleaned and and put on screws and washers etc...