Giiker Supercube i3S

Giiker Supercube i3S

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The Giiker i3S supercube was developed by XiaoMi and is an upgraded version of the original Giiker. The Giiker Supercube is a magnetic 3x3 and connects VIA Bluetooth to your smart phone (be it Android, Apple, Samsung etc..) and records your solves, shows you your TPS, allows you to reconstruct your solves and much more. There are also a handful of games built into the software to keep you busy. During the Cambridge Open competition in the UK in 2018 we gave a handful of sub-10 speed solvers a Giiker to try for the day, many of these cubers managed to get 6-9 seconds solves and the Giiker i3S kept up with their high TPS and even allowed them to reconstruct their solve. This really is a competition level speed cube although it might not be 100% competition legal.

This particular version features bright shades (much like the GAN 356 SM), updated software and uses Bluetooth V4.0. 

Weight: 105g
Approx Size: 5.7cm x 5.7cm x 5.7cm
Available Colours: Black

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