GAN 460 4x4 M

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
GAN 460 4x4 M

Much better than my old 4x4, and quick delivery, many thanks, already spotted a future purchase :)

Ben McInnes

Pops a bit and doesn’t really corner cut well

I like events
Everyone says it bad but is it?

Well kinda. This cube has no place in todays market for 4x4s and is easily trumped by the aosu wrm or gts2m. But this cube is also pretty good. The outer layers are the best on any 4x4 I've tried and the shades are beautiful. The inner layers are where things turn bad. They catch all the time are are really frustrating to solve on. THey practically ruin the cube.

Scott Butler
Gan 460 M

January 2020

Another great cube.
I bought this in stickerless and it looks and feels good.
It arrived quickly and was well packaged.
Thanks Kewbzuk for great service.

Harry S
Moovin on up

Before the GAN 460 M, I had purchased a rather mediocre cube from Amazon. I was so excited for the Amazon cube to arrive that when I got it, I was sorely disappointed in its turning ability. I used it a couple of times and put it down, never to be touched by the hands of a human again.

After a few months had passed, I decided that after solving my vast collection of 3x3 cubes, it was time to move up in the puzzling world and give myself more of a challenge. As a result, my eyes were drawn back to 4x4 puzzles, specifically to the GAN 460 M. I had loved every GAN puzzle I have owned and figured that I may as well give their 4x4 cube a chance.

I am pleased to announce the quality of this puzzle has pushed me to better myself with a 4x4 cube. The colour scheme is bright and clear, so it was a doddle trying to build my edges (which I tend to struggle with most) and solve the cube as a whole. I haven’t even used any lube on this cube yet, however it turns like milk left out the fridge, effortless and quick!

To me, this is a benchmark for 4x4 puzzles. Because of this puzzle I have had a revelation; it doesn’t matter how big the puzzle is, or how many sides it has. It is all about how well it works. A bad puzzle will be put down forever, without the desire to solve ever crossing your mind. But the best puzzle are the ones you will want to play with, the puzzles you just can’t put down because of how well they work.

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