GAN 356i Smart Cube


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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Jimmy legoff
This is great

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Wayne Heywood
You NEED This

I am a lowly 1+ minute cuber PB 1:04... But yeah, I got money to burn so what? Here are my worthless thoughts on this cuuuube.

YES, it is expensive... NO, it is not the best cube available... YES, the app is CURRENTLY Sucky McSuckSuck... NO account problems or connection issues (I know this is a seemingly rare and privileged position to be in, but it's where I am)
BUT... It effing well connects to your mobile device, gives you live feedback (+1) and reminds you just how terrible your technique is, and where your flaws lie... 11/10

I own a Weilong GTS, a GAN 356 Air SM... And this beauty... GTS is my main (it's all personal preference to be fair, a good cube is a good cube unless you're rocking those sub 15 second solves)


Scott Butler
Gan 356i

I have been wanting this cube since I watched a review of it by YouTuber CanChrisSolve.
(Subscribe to his channel, he’s good).
It’s a nice cube and am very happy with it.
It arrived quickly and was well packaged.
I shall be buying all my cubes from this website from now on.
Thanks Kewbzuk.

Really great

I was a bit skeptical after watching YouTube reviews but this cube is fantastic, it could be a main in its own right. I don't feel you give up on performance to gain the smart cube technology. Battle mode is really fun and getting better everyday the more people buy it as there are more folk to battle with. Even had my first sub 17 second solve using it, crazy.


I'm not always a fan of Gan cubes I can often go through every setup combo and not find that sweet spot. The 356i was close for me right out the box and after 100 or so solves I already set a new PB on day 1.
I obviously still tried every combo but ended up back on the original springs at 0.8 and since lowered my PB several more times.
Not only is this a top of the line Gan cube with all the usual bell's, whistles and premium quality (and price tag) you would expect you then get cube station which just makes this cube as good as it gets.
I've personally had no issues at all connecting the cube. The tracking is spot on for turns but sometimes struggles with cube rotations, this is a software issue as the latest app version brought huge improvements to this so can only get better.
I have the gikker smart cube (also brilliant in its own right) so I'm accustomed to reconstruction and analysis but Gan just takes it up a notch with real time turn speed reconstruction and great CFOP breakdown on any colour cross. The data you gather is not only cool but incredibly insightful for improving your times
It took me a while to talk myself into it as just the thought of an £80 Rubiks cube seems ludicrous however its worth every penny imo

I've had a few orders from Kewbz now but this was the first time I needed to contact their customer service and I'm pleased to say they live up to their great reputation fast, friendly and helpful. I would happily recommend (cube & store) to anyone