GAN 356 X (Numerical IPG V5)

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GAN 356 X (Numerical IPG V5)

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Stickerless Bright

The GAN 356 X is an all new GAN 3x3 speed cube with inter-changeable magnets, making this the perfect puzzle for those curious cubers still dabbling with magnetic cubes. This particular cube features the numerical IPG V5 core.

Please Note: This is a PRE-ORDER - we do not have an estimated delivery date just yet. we are hoping to have these in stock around early to mid December. The price may change up or down within the next few weeks. The price you pay is the final price and you will not be charged or asked for any more money (or given a refund if the price goes down).

Weight: 85g
Approx Size: 5.6cm x 5.6cm x 5.6cm
Available Colours: Stickerless Bright


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    All of our twisty puzzles & Rubik's Cubes are brand new. Due to the nature of these puzzles they may become loose after the first hour or so of playing/twisting. Don't be alarmed, most puzzles allow you to 'Re-Adjust' them and set them up exactly as you want them. Simply read our "How to adjust your cube" blog for instructions on how to do this.

    Please Note: Not all puzzles allow adjusting.

    Confused on how this puzzle works? Watch the video below for a quick preview.