GAN 251 M

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tyler Boshoff
A perfect addition to Gan’s 2x2 lineup

In my opinion the 51mm size is perfect for my hands the larger size of the cube like the valk is perfect for my hands the magnet strength is pretty strong but allows you to have a faster turning speed the customisation is good with the ges nuts and the honeycomb is clean and the cube allowed me to get my new 2x2 single PB of 1.459 seconds

sandrew hen
is GAN's mini cube minimalistic or does it dominate?

I think it dominates. GAN's GES, honeycomb etc are definitely in there. Accessories include the GAN box v5, a bag, spare GES and a 2x2 booklet. Bit on the expensive side but its better than my tengyuns!

Olga Dimitrova

This cube is great . It comes with magnets and a bag which are really useful , I think that the cube is definitely worth the price

Love this cube

I would defo recommend this cube. it turns effortlessly and feels great

Excellent 2x2 cube and aftercare service!

I personally love Gan cubes, because of their stunning looks and their great performance (in 3x3 for absolute sure). Some people don't like the Gan 460 m because of the inner layers, though it performs well enough for me!

The Gan 251 m is great because of the fact that you have the GES nut system, allowing you to customise the feeling of the cube for you! The 51mm size I hear is a great improvement over the smaller 49mm size of the Gan 249 m which doesn't use the GES system (in terms of changing the nuts like you do in the 251 m and the 3x3 cubes). The cube feels awesome for me, and the magnets feel really nice too.

Some people prefer other 2x2's, though in all honesty, this cube is great for me, and I love the finish of the stickerless version which I own. AFAIK the matte finishing of the stickerless cube is meant to feel the same as the new 356 XS (which I have already pre-ordered).

Lovely cube, but I am too inexperienced in 2x2 to give any kind of professional opinion!

The only thing that is better than the cube, is the amazing service that I received from KewbzUK.

I am serious, you absolutely could not hope for faster responses to problems or queries of any kind. You even get proper professional responses on weekends! This includes Saturdays & Sundays! The only time I've had an issue at all, was when Royal Mail made an error with the scanning of a parcel, but Hollie was quick to reply to me and done everything she could to help solve the issue, and I was left really happy.

Customers are everything, and when customers feel happy, they generally return, which I do!

Absolutely amazing store combined with absolutely amazing aftercare!

J. :)


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