GAN12 M MagLev

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Perfect gift

My son absolutely loves this cube. He loves that it be customised with the parts included too. Brilliant

Best cube I've used

Owned about 10 cubes over the years and this was EASILY the best.
The magnetic snapping made lining things up neatly a breeze. Turning was very light, but precise in general. Done around 2000 solves with it so far and never experienced a corner twist or pop.
Delivery was fast and well packaged, and the cube came ready to use (had ordered the set up service, so can't comment on what it would be like without that).
Great product, would highly recommend if the price isn't a concern to you.

Great cube out of the box

Absolutely amazing out the box it has easily got my average down from 27 to 24 without me even learning any new algorithms. I would recommend it with strong edge magnets.
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Amazing Cube

I bought this after using the moyu rs3 m 2020 and was taken back by how amazing it was, this cube is so light you forget you have anything in your hands, the turning feels amazing and the fact it has 30 degree auto align makes the turning great. I set mine to the loosest settings and have only had it pop once in the course of a week. The cube is stable even when on the weakest setting. I have nothing bad to say about the cube.
As always Kewbz delivered it quickly with no damage to.the box or cube.


After really liking the Gan Skewb I decided to invest in this cube as my main 3x3 and I wasn't disappointed. I've only had the original Rubik's 3x3 and and decent but cheap budget 3x3 before so it felt especially good. The light and smooth feel makes turning extremely easy with the corner to core magnets keeping it very stable.

Having messed around with the settings for a long time the cube is easily adjustable to your preferences but seems to be most optimised on low magnet compression and low tension settings with high magnet strength due to it becoming a very fast cube without sacrificing any stability due to the auto alignment of the magnet system. Maglev definitely makes the cube feel more fluid when turning in addition to removing any feeling of tension you'd get from a cube with springs