GAN 11 M Pro (Soft Texture)

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best cube

Soft feel is amazing, this cube is the best I've owned to date hands down.
Can't recommend highly enough.

Got back in december

This cube is fast but controllable and is basicly perfect out of the box.
This is my definite main and will be for a while. The soft coating feels like rubber from a Samsung galaxy tab a and is very grippy although I have a feeling it is slowly coming off.
This is still an incredible cube though.
For anyone who thinks the adjustment systems are overwhelming they are but they optimise fun on this cube

Great Cube and my best.

Great, the most fantastic cube I've ever played on.
Nice grip, very precise, extremely fast and perfect weight.
The soft texture is a great asset.

Thomas Fountain
Love it

The texture is amazing. It turns grate. The the core magnets make turning so much easier. You don’t notice it to start with but you get a better snap on the turns. Would definitely recommend. Still playing with the setting but getting there. I have it’s quite loose at the moment and have no issues with corners twisting. If you are looking for a new cube and have the money would definitely recommend. I would be interested in trying the other textures but I am really happy with this

lee mcd
Excellent cube

Love it. I've bought quite a few other flagship cubes recently to try other brands and although they were OK I still found I preferred my gan xs. Maybe it just suits my style better? Thought I would get one more cube so got the gan 11 m Pro soft texture. Almost instantly felt great. I ended up setting it up with the same settings as my xs. But this feels so much better I was really surprised. It feels just so stable but still really smooth. I hardly seem to get any lockups which I do get with my xs. Overall it feels amazing and I'm also liking the soft texture.