DaYan TengYun 3x3 V2 M

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Customer Reviews

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Xerno flame
A blast of cube!

The cube turns better than lube used for a different purpose, nothing beats the sloppy Jobby this cube gives. Absolutely recommend This BBC of a cube!

Harry Bateman

You get exactly what you paid for, wasn’t perfect out of the box for my preferences but after setup it did everything I wanted it to. Does need to be lubricated early on if you are going to use it extensively, this prevents quiet squeaking although this is probably just the new plastic and is resolved very easily. Is slightly louder than the Tengyun V1, but it is definitely an upgrade. Lovely feel, completely effortless turns, much greater stability than the V1, great corner cutting, nice colours, the magnets are a good strength and is customisable to however you want it to feel. I do not recommend use of the stronger springs, as they are slightly over the top for my tastes. Absolutely my new main.

Tyler Tomlinson
No stock

I want to get this to replace my old 3x3 but I have been waiting for 2 months for this come back in stock why can't they just get some more

Ryan JB
Good Value Cube

A very good cube that can perform how you want it to depending on how you set it up. It is smaller than it looks on camera but not by too much. I like the cube's overall feeling as it is papery out of the box but gets crispier the more you use it. With my set up it turns effortlessly and is very stable despite its loose tension. It is a lot louder at looser tensions. The magnetic strength is good and more clicky. It has many customisation features and is a cheaper cube to have this. I think it is a great buy if you think it is for you.

quiet, smooth turning

if you need a quiet cube that performs well, get this.
if you want a cube with all the customisation options for affordable prices, get this.
if you want a cube and unsure what to get, get this.
what can I say. I've just unboxed it (I got it as a main contender over my broken GAN X. don't get the GAN X if you want reliablity, since the corners detatch from the stock and require gluing back on), and It was instantly my main (since the only other cube it was competing against was the valk power). has the customisability of the GAN X and the volume level of the tengyun v1.

I personally like the soft feeling of the cube, and adding lube to make it gummy (my preference) was not hard. the amount of settings to choose from is almost infinite, and can capture a range of cubers within the same cube.

overall, I have to say that this is a fantastic cube, and one I'd recommend if you're at a similar level to me (between 25-15 sec average). basically a cheaper (yet higher quality and reliability) Gan X.