DaYan TengYun 2x2 M

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Customer Reviews

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Really nice cube and very quiet

Really good quality cube and great out of the box which is handy for those like me that don't know what they're doing for setting up cubes.
It's really quite and has a smooth sound defiantly considering getting the 3x3 as I've heard that's quiet too
shipping is also always good from kewbz

Worth it and very quiet

Main reason for buying was for how quiet it is but it's also a great cube all round; smooth, good corner cutting, great out of the box and worth the price.


Yes it is expensive, but it is way better out of the box than any other 2x2 I have used. It is silky smooth, quite and has great corner cutting. For me this the best 2x2 by far!

Jan A
Dayan Tengyun 2x2 M - Mainworthy right out of the box

The only negative thing I can say about this cube is that it is slightly on the expensive side but it’s still nowhere near the most expensive 2x2 on the market and in my opinion it’s worth the price.

I have a few 2x2s and have been using the Valk 2 as my main for quite a few months and wanted to get a fresh perspective. With the Valk I had to strip it down, swap the springs over and do a full lubing setup to make it how I like it. Corner twists are a real issue with the Valk 2 and it’s a little on the heavy side.

In contrast, I’ve done literally nothing with the Tengyun out of the box and it was an instant main. It’s definitely much lighter than the Valk and I haven’t had a single corner twist after over a thousand solves.

The turning is fast, light and smooth but also very controllable and suits my own turning style perfectly. It’s hard to think but this could be even better after doing a full setup but it’s already so good as it is.

If you’re on the lookout for a really great 2x2 and can stretch to the slightly higher price tag, look no further, the Tengyun 2x2 M has your back!!

Matthew Wardle
Great feeling cube but expensive

This cube is amazingly quite and fast, you can tell it's a premium cube by turning it. It has a nice strong magnetic feel and smooth turning while still being fast! But it's very expensive and I would say you could probably get a cube just as good for a lower price these days!