DaYan Megaminx V2 M

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mark S
Excellent megaminx

The DaYan Megaminx V2 M is wonderfully light, smooth-turning and stable.
As always with KewbzUK, the level of service, reliability and speed of delivery was excellent.

Very light!!

I wanted to try this out as I had been using the Yuhu V2 for a little while now. I find the Dayan much easier to solve on for longer periods as it is much smaller and lighter and has faster turning. I wouldn’t say the Dayan is better but I would recommend it to people that like smaller and/or lighter cubes. Will definitely be switching to it as a main for those reasons.


I was worried purchasing the DaYan Megaminx as I'd only ever bought GAN before this and thought it may not live up to what I was used to in terms of general quality. I was not let down at all. It turns smoothly, the magnets lock the faces in place perfectly, the colours are vibrant and clear (although the white/bone/yellow are slightly difficult to differentiate in low artificial light) and it feels like a top quality product. It rivals the GAN megaminx for the number 1 spot in my opinion (after this experience and watching too many youtube reviews!).

I'll keep my eye out for more DaYan cubes in the future.

FC 3X3
Small, fast, everything you could want.

I’m not too fast at megaminx, but this is far better than the meilong that I had previously. The ridges are subtle, but they work. This has gotten me new pbs, times I’d never dream of with the meilong. The magnets help a lot, since there are 1000000000 layers that could possibly misalign during turning. If you’re gonna get a megaminx, go straight to a magnetic one if you can, and this might just be the best on the market.

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