DaYan GuHong V4 M

Stickerless Bright
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ben McInnes
You need to know this

Not really one to look at. The cube itself turns quite great but all of my centre pieces broke on me. Just get something like a weilong wrm or the rs3m 2020

Stellar Cube

Another reviewer used the word stellar for this cube... I totally agree...

Out of the box this cube is, as many people have described it... papery... it feels like you're rubbing two pieces of paper together, which is in fact nice, but that can be improved...

Out of the box it over turns and is fast. I used some gravitas on the core parts and lunar on the sides. Now it flies, but is more stable. The magnets are a good strength, but the lube really takes this cube to the next level.

My main is the Valk 3M, but this Guhong V4, is like a "lite" version of it. I can see what people mean about it being similar to the Gan range, but it's more clicky... more valky, than gan... it's really really good.

People love Gan's, I do, my son does, if you've got your heart set on getting one, do it and get it out of your system... this Guhong V4, is easily on a par with the Gan 354 Air M, in fact it's better.

So how would I describe this... It's a quieter "Lite" Valk 3M, but you have got to lube it to bring it to life.

And well worth paying the £5 more and getting this instead of the RS3M 2020.

Nice cube pouch too.

Phil R.
Smooth operator

This is a velvety smooth cube. I highly recommend it. I can't compare it to a top-tier cube like a GAN M11 Pro, but for £15 you can't go wrong. I bought one for myself not long ago, and then another for a friend.

Kathlyn T.
Quiet and stellar for its price

Cube is quiet and delivers great for its price. Not a bad buy. I feel that the magnets could be stronger but that's more of a preference than anything.

Jimmothy likey

Soopa cool. I'm 8

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